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    Wire Accessories

    Shop a large selection of led power accessories from grounded plugs to heavy-duty, flat extension cords to wireless remote plug receiver kits. All brought to you with fast, same-day shipping from Step 1 Dezigns.

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    7 Outlet Grounded Surge Protector

    With Heavy Duty 3ft. 14/3 Power Supply Cord

    Female DC Hardwire Cable

    2.1 mm Female DC Hardwire Extension Cable Available in various length options.

    Male - Female DC Extension Cable

    2.1 mm Male-Female DC Extension Cable Available in 3', 6', or 10' length.

    Male - Male DC Extension Cable

    2.1 mm Male-Male DC Extension Cable Available in 8' length.

    Heavy Duty 12-3 Flat Extension Cord

    The Heavy Duty 12-3 Flat Extension Cords are ideal for running power under the carpet for Trade Shows and Exhibitions. Available in 15, 25, 50 & 100 foot lengths options.

    Heavy Duty Outlet Saver Power Extension Cords

    This cable features a male 3-prong plug on one end and a female 3-prong shroud on the other end. Simply plug the power cord's male prong into a standard outlet, and then plug the female connector directly into another standard power cord (plug into NEMA 5-15P) to extend the length of your power cord for more flexibility.

    Pigtail with Grounded Plug


    LED Flexible Tape Light Y-Connector DC Power Feed

    For use with 24V LED tape light. Simply plug in the male end of your power supply to the female ends of the Y-Connector Power Feed.

    RGB DC Wire 22AWG 50ft

    The DC RGB wire is used for installation of most color changing light projects.

    RGBW DC Wire 22AWG 1ft

    The DC RGBW 22AWG wire is used for the installation of LED Color Change RGBW lighting projects. Price per 1 ft length. To purchase longer length, enter ft length in the quantity box next to the "ADD TO CART" button.

    Lamp Socket With Hardwire Power Feed

    MR-16 lamp socket with 6 inches hardwire feed. LED Bulb is sold separately.

    Lamp Socket With Male Molex Plug

    MR-16 lamp socket. Porcelain head, 6" leads and male Molex plugs. LED Bulbs are sold separately.

    Lamp Socket With Male Banana Plug

    MR-16 lamp socket. Porcelain head, 6" leads and male banana plugs. Can be used with LED MR16 Light Bulbs and Low Voltage MR16. LED Bulbs are sold separately.

    Female Banana To Male Molux Extension

    10ft of cabling with male molex and female banana plugs

    Male Female Molux 10 Foot Extension

    10ft of cabling with male/female molex connectors.

    Male Female Banana Plug Extension

    10ft of cabling with male/female banana plugs.

    LED Grid Light 6 in. Power Feed

    For use with L.E.D. Grid Panel Lights.

    LED Grid Light 18 in. Jumper

    Extend length between L.E.D. Grid panels with this 18" joiner

    LED Lumastrip 12 in. Power Feed

    For use with Lumastrip Light Bar series

    LED Lumastrip 20 in. Jumper

    For use with LED Lumastrip Light Bar series

    Heat Shrink Solderless Wire Connectors

    Have you ever thought it can be so easy to connect wires together? Here is the easiest and quickest solution for you. These Waterproof Heat Shrink Solderless Wire Connectors are made to allow secure wire connection without having to use any soldering tools but a heat gun. The Heat Shrink Solderless Wire Connectors are made with polyolefin tubing and hot melt adhesive with high strength provided by heat shrink tubing. This will help prevent wire corrosion after sealing and resistant to stretch and mechanical damage. It is so easy to use, simply insert the prepared wires into the tube, position wires into solder splice, apply heat and seal. Transparent shrink sleeves for easy insertion of wires. For best results, we recommend using a hot air gun or heat gun. It is perfect for display LED lighting wire connections, automobile, and outdoor electrical applications. Priced for each connector, 10pcs minimum order quantity.

    Female DC Barrel Plug

    The Female DC Hardwire Barrel Plug is compatible with 24V LED Tape Lights.

    Wire Accessories