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    LED Drivers

    Step 1 Dezigns has a very broad line of LED drivers for display backlighting and general lighting applications. These LED driver ICs offer the highest energy efficiency, lowest noise at inexpensive cost. LED drivers are not much different from ballasts for fluorescent lights or electronic transformers for low-voltage lighting installations. LED drivers provide LEDs with the electricty it require to function and perform its best.

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    LED Non-Dimmable Constant Current Drivers

    This Non-Dimmable Constant Current LED drivers will power your LED lighting fixtures and it has overload, short circuit, and overheat protection. Available in constant current 350mA, 500mA, or 700mA with various wattage options. Every driver has a different voltage range, please select the compatible constant current driver with your LED lighting application. Don't hesitate to give us a call at 949.270.0250 if you have any technical questions.

    LED Dimmable Constant Current Drivers

    Step 1 Dezigns selection of LED Dimmable Constant Current Driver has the highest accuracy rating in the industry, delivering accurate power and available in 350mA, 500mA, or 700mA with various wattage options. Download specification sheets to view each driver's details.

    LED Plug In Power Supplies

    From $14.00
    Shop our selection of LED Plug-In Power Supplies. Available in 12v DC or 24v DC options.

    LED Pre-Wired Class 2 Drivers

    The commercial grade LED Pre-Wired Class 2 Drivers are ideal for powering all of your LED lighting applications. The ultra-low profile design allowing you to conceive it in small spaces or recessed. Available in 12V DC or 24V DC with various wattage options. Download the specification sheet to view more details of each power supply.

    LED Phase Dimming Electronic Drivers

    LED Phase Dimming Electronic Drivers are Constant Voltage, PWM output, Triac (Phase) Dimmable Electronic LED Driver for Forward and Reverse Phase Dimmers. 5% minimum load. Overload, Short circuit protection. Excellent Line and Load regulation. A wide variety of compatible dimmers, flicker-free dimming. Any kind of low voltage LED fixtures. Dimmable with any ELV, MLV, CL, forward or reverse phase. Available in 12V DC or 24V DC options.

    LED Class 2 Magnetic Dimmable Drivers

    The LED Dimmable Driver can supply 12V DC or 24V DC voltage to any kind of low voltage LED fixtures. Rated for Indoor and Outdoor Use. Available in various wattage options. Download product specification sheets to get more details of each driver.

    LED Non-Dimmable Hardwire Drivers

    The LED Non-Dimmable Hardwire Drivers are available in 12V DC or 24V DC with various wattage options.

    LED Open Frame Drivers

    From $25.59
    LED Open Frame Drivers are enclosed type power supply with low profile design. Adopting the full range AC input, it provides an output voltage line of 12V or 24V DC with various wattage options. It has high efficiency up to 91.5%, the design of the metallic mesh case enhances the heat dissipation of the driver operates from -30°C through 70°C under air convection without a fan. Delivering an extremely low no-load power consumption, it allows the end system to easily meet the worldwide energy requirement. It has complete protection functions and 5G anti-vibration capability; it complies with the international safety regulations. The driver serves as a high price-to-performance power supply solution for various industrial applications. Click on each driver's specification sheet to get more details.

    LED Dimmable Driver 12W 12V DC

    The 12 Watts Triac Dimmable LED Driver has an input of 100-120V AC 48-62Hz 0.2A and output of DC 12V / 1000mA. Its fully encapsulated form-factors are small enough for any size light fixtures. Rated IP20 for dry environment indoor applications.

    12V DC to 350mA 3 Watt LED Power Converter - 1-3W

    The LED Converter has an input of 12-32V DC and an output of 350mA. Their fully encapsulated form-factors are small enough for any size OEM fixture. They are ideal for Indoor lighting applications. It is compatible with our STDC133 or STDC134 LED Under Cabinet Light fixtures, see related products.

    LED Drivers

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